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Cognitive behaviour therapy


Are you...


  • currently experiencing stress at work, feeling inadequate and unable to cope with the pressures?


  • losing sleep because the dysfunctional relationships In your team or in your family are making you feel anxious?


  • thinking of changing your jobs again, ending your relationship or otherwise escaping your problems with unwanted habits that you no longer wish to have?


What if....


  • you could become free from emotional pain?

  • no person or situation could never again make you feel bad or angry again?

  • take back control of yourself and move towards becoming a much more calmer and confident person


- and without the need to change your job, relationship or the place you live?


It is possible


CBT - Cognitive BehaviouR Therapy

gives you the tools to become free from overwhelming stress and anxiety - Instead of just reacting to it.



CBT is a set of techniques that helps you to understand how your thinking creates negative emotions that you feel. It'll help you to break down your automatic thought patterns in a way that you can take control over tour thoughts before they turn into unwanted negative emotions.

CBT is based on an idea that our own thoughts are causing our unwanted emotions, not the external things like events or other people.

When you become in control of what’s happening to you internally, you no longer have to worry about other people or unwanted situations becoming the source of your negative emotions.


Why to choose CBT?

When you channel your thoughts towards how you'd prefer to feel - instead of automatically feeling stressed, unfocused or anxious, you can fearlessly face any challenging situation, whether this means walking into a difficult meeting, doing public speaking or going on a date.

The tools and techniques of CBT are easy to learn. By practicing them outside the therapy sessions you'll empower yourself to speak, act and take the right decisions from a place of calm and confidence - even when the external circumstances and the people around you stays as they are.


By learning to change your thinking patterns, you can quickly and easily change the negative emotions into more positive and useful ones.


CBT is ideal for you if you are currently dealing with:


difficulties at workplace





feeling inadequate

imposter syndrome

anger issues

loss of direction in life



emotional overeating and weight loss issues

relationship issues


early signs of depression

substance abuse


exam stress

social anxiety



panic thoughts


fear of being left out


suicidal thoughts

low self-esteem

dating anxiety


over consuming media

over drinking



CBT helps you to erase unwanted habits


Emotional distress is usually accompanied with unwanted habits, varying from emotional overeating to procrastination and insomnia.

Instead trying to cut out a bad habit with willpower or denial, CBT will help you to find the usually unconscious and hidden root cause of the habit.

When you  recognise  the real origin behind the negative emotion that the negative behaviour is covering, you'll be able to directly work on healing it.


When you are free from the negative emotion that's fueling your unwanted habit, the habit itself will disappear without any effort as it's no longer needed to help you to feel better.



The principle behind CBT is that in order to feel better you don’t have to change your job, relationship or other external circumstances.



With the help of CBT you'll be able tO...



  • change your automatic thought patterns in a way that automatically creates calm and confidence within you.
  • choose the emotions that serves you, instead of automatically feeling triggered by people and situations.
  • know how to cope better and powerfully deal with your negative emotions instead of reacting to them.


  • heal the relationship with yourself and the others in a way that you never thought possible.
  • see yourself outside of your problems so that you can remain calm and focused during challenging situation.
  • make better decisions and even better action that will lead you towards the results that you want.

Consultation call

Schedule your free consultation to find out whether CBT is right for you


During this 30-minute call you'll be deeply and compassionately listened to. Together we'll explore your problematic life situation in a way that it'll give you new insight about and see it more clearly. This will also help to discover whether CBT is the right approach for you.


Allowing yourself to be listened and understood is the first step towards feeling better.


Knowing that you don't have to face your challenges alone and that someone cares and can professionally help you is the second step towards freeing yourself from negative emotions and unfulfillment.

We care,listen and help you to heal. So that you can become who you really are.


I’m so looking forward helping you towards achieving the inner wellness and the life changes that you always dreamed of.

Anna Jarviautio,

Accredited Transformation Coach and Person-Centered Integrative Therapist

Founder of Mayfair Coaching Lounge


I’m more confidence to speak to people at events, control my panic thoughts and go and talk to people.

Anna is a great coach and I’ve already recommended her to others. So many people have noticed the small changes already and are telling me that I look more relaxed and positive these days. Anna was very friendly and didn't have any judgment. She made me feel comfortable and I was able to open up. Today I am more aware of my own thoughts and how I react on them. I started to like myself again!


UX Designer


Common questions about CBT



How is CBT different to traditional talking therapy?

In traditional talking therapy the client would tell the therapist about their problem, dwell in the problem and then dwell through all their past problems - even all the way from their childhood. Traditional talking therapy isn't usually solution-focused and it's usually open-ended, meaning that it can last for years.

CBT however, concentrates only what is currently keeping the client stuck and what are the internal (and often times unconscious) programs causing their distress or unwanted habit. CBT is solution focused and is designed to usually end after nine to eleven sessions. With the provided techniques, easy homework assignments and by taking an active role in their own progress clients are positively surprised how much empowerment CBT provides to them, in-between the sessions and after the therapy has ended. This makes CBT one of the fastest and the most cost effective ways to experience personal transformation and change that last a lifetime.

"I just feel bad - but I'm not sure why".

Many clients comes to therapy because they feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their lives but without knowing exactly why do they feel like this. Especially if already having the life, the career, the status and the material wealth they may find it difficult to point out the origin of their negative feelings, because they cannot find it from outside of themselves. Sometimes this is enhanced by others telling them that they "shouldn't" feel the way they do - and hence making it feel even worse.

This is where we can help. With CBT you are able to find the real cause of your unwanted habits and emotions within the first two sessions, so that instead of dwelling in how bad you feel you will gain back the power over your feeling and the direction of your life. CBT helps you to tackle the deeper issues before they get too complicated to solve or negatively affect your well-being.



"It's very hard for me to not be affected by my boss's / colleague's / husband's / wife's / child's is behaviour that is so upsetting / unacceptable / crazy that I feel like I'm totally losing it.

"I'm scared that nothing is going to help me with my situation."


This is a common belief and the very reason why so many client's end up choosing CBT over other therapy methods. The closer the people are to us the more they can impact our mental well-being - if not treated early enough.  CBT is designed in a way that gives you the tools and the active role dealing with the difficult people in your life and to help you to quickly solve the repetitive challenging situations before they even happen.

This means that you no longer need to avoid and be afraid of being triggered by these people so that you can enjoy coming to work again and enjoy spending time with your loved ones - even if the hectic schedules and other people's personalities stays as it is.


I'm not sure I can afford therapy right now.

If you have never done coaching or therapy before the concept of investing in yourself and your well-being can feel like an unfamiliar concept to some. In this society, we are instead encouraged to seek for happiness by spending our hard earned money to external "solutions" in the form of shopping, drinking, eating - all who can give us the momentary pleasure although very short-lived one. Advertising industry fuels itself by tapping into this and encourages us to seek out answers and pleasures from outside of ourselves.

The truth is that the right answers and the well-being are not coming from outside of ourselves but from the inside. And this is why therapy works as an investment, instead of spending: it pays itself back with great interest in time. Everything you think, feel or do starts and ends in one place, that is your mind. This is why mental health is the most critical thing to nurture and take care of.

Investing in your mental well-being, you'll gain back the control of your life - before it takes control over you.

Whatever your situation is indulging in denial or ignoring your mental well-being will not make things any better. The chances are that you have found this website is because there is something in your life that you currently find difficult to deal with, find it hard to handle and want help and clarity around it.



I used to be very stressed by my demanding work and wanted to to be happier and more relaxed. Anna made me question myself, my past, my goals, my feelings and my reactions to situations which made me completely change the way I think and the way I see things today. I realised that with my talent, potential and skills I can achieve better results and that my dreams can come true once really believed in and worked on. Today I know myself better and I have the right tools to make the best out of every situation and see things in a more positive light.




I would definitely recommend Anna to others!

 I was very surprised how easy it was to communicate my issues to her, I felt as if she’d knew exactly what I was trying to say, her reply was always so spot on. Most importantly I felt understood. I would've never thought I can say how I really feel and someone would just nod and just accept the darkest side of me.Now I can bare the thought of loving myself unconditionally. After every session I left the room loaded with motivation and hope. So id like to say a big THANK YOU.


Broadcasting Software Manger



Every individual is unique.

and this is why Mayfair Coaching Lounge doen't use any one-size-fits-all processes with their clients. You'll be provided with an integrative approach and a personally tailored treatment plan, exclusively suited to your personal, unique needs.




I had lots of negative, memories and associations with my past, a lack of confidence and an unclear sense of direction in my life and career. When you have one traumatic experience after another you land at a place where you believe that this is the norm and this is what your life will be forever. Working with Anna has brought my self-belief back and it is enabling me to let go of painful memories and change my thoughts and behaviours for the better, session by session; to make my life as full as it can be; to understand that the past doesn't have to be your future. Today I feel hopeful, stronger. I'm looking forward to shaping the life that I want to lead, to making things happen, great things, to be happy".


Project Manager

CBT testimonial Kat



She cares. She listens hard and always asks the hard questions. I stopped just playing it safe. I started taking risks I would not normally take. As a result I became more fearless and much more confident in myself and understand that I can succeed on my own.



Global Manager - now a New Business Owner



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