Are You Looking For Sustainable Stress Relief? 

Do you feel like your stress levels are often so high that you find it hard to concentrate and focus at work? Are your relationships suffering due to your short fuse and impatience with people? Do you often feel like the only way to recover from stress is to withdraw from everyone?

Perhaps your constant worrying is affecting your energy levels, making it hard to accomplish even ordinary tasks. It could be that the stress and apprehension are disrupting your sleep or causing physical issues that are ultimately preventing you from enjoying life. 

As an intelligent person, you've heard it all before; that regular exercise, having enough rest and eating healthy, nutritious foods is what is needed to reduce your stress levels.

But, to be honest, you are way past that stage.

You've likely gotten to where your only motivation to exercise is to walk between your desk and the washroom. You sleep through the weekends and escape reality by binge-watching Netflix. Your eating consists of whatever the delivery guy happens to bring you from the local fast food joint.

At this point, you just want to feel normal and get back that drive, focus and energy that was stolen from you. You want a real, lasting solution for stress relief and no more of that BS advice that the countless websites, videos and books are feeding you. But you don't even know where to start.

You have come to the right place.

If You’re Having Trouble Dealing With Stress, You Are Not Alone.

Stress takes its toll on our relationships as well as our ability to focus, think clearly and fall asleep at night. It can manifest itself as problems at work, digestive issues and constant worrying.

According to recent research, 85% of UK adults are experiencing clearly recognisable levels of worry and stress regularly. Stress is one of the most common symptoms of a busy London lifestyle. But stress is not only a problem in London; research suggests that Brits feel stressed for an average of nine days per month and over a third (37%) of British residents feel stressed for at least one full day per week.

When you feel stressed, the body releases a hormone called cortisol. If this happens to you too often, your body can no longer respond to stress, and you'll start to feel enormously fatigued.

Stress is mind-related and often falls outside the expertise of the general health practitioner, who may not be able to find any explanation for your symptoms. Even if signs of stress can be reduced with added sleep, increased exercise and reduced workloads—these options may not always be available to everybody.

Stress is also rooted in constant overthinking. The high cortisol and stress levels that are rooted in constant overthinking cannot be treated with pills or by wishing it away. If the root of your stress is not treated, it may transform itself into other problems in your life, such as anger issues or depression. Unlike reducing our food and alcohol intake, thinking is something we can't just simply stop doing.

But the good news is that once you learn how to recognise the internal triggers that cause your stress and actively manage and take control of the unhelpful behavioural and thinking patterns, the high levels of stress will be no longer returning back into your life.

A Stress Reduction Coach Can Help You Focus, Feel Calmer And Enjoy Your Life Again

Coaching is incredibly effective in providing you with the tools to overcome stress. This is not about treating your stress with the general, one-size-fits-all stress management techniques. My expertise lies in healing the very cause of your stress by helping you to discover the hidden root of your overthinking.

Stress recovery largely consists of finding ways to tolerate the stress sensations and switching off the part of the mind that causes overthinking, which is controlled by the involuntary nervous system. As the name suggests, you have no conscious control over this part. It is similar to breathing, which is automatic and controlled by your involuntary nervous system—at the same time, you do have a certain amount of control over it.

Unhelpful traits, such as stress and overthinking are deeply rooted in your neurological system and the unconscious mind. Cognitive neuroscientists suggest that 95 percent of our experiences are stored in the unconscious mind. So if you’re overwhelmed by stress but can’t seem to understand why, it's because so many underlying issues have been buried away in this part of the mind.

We can't let go of the things that we cannot see. And we can't change our thinking until we understand it. However, when the root of your stress becomes visible, it becomes more resolvable. As a result, you'll feel calmer, and when difficult situations arise, you won't be as automatically emotionally triggered as in the past. You'll be able to respond to situations and individuals rather than react to them, thus giving you more control over your life and its direction.

When your cortisol levels drop, you'll feel calmer in your daily life, wherever you are. Instead of using all your spare time just for recovering from stress, with a more peaceful mind, it will be easier for you to make important decisions and enjoy doing the things that mean the most to you.

You may still have questions about working with a Stress Reduction Coach...

Shouldn’t I be able to handle this on my own?

In our society, we are generally expected to solve our own problems. And in many cases, this is possible.

Dealing with overthinking, unfortunately, isn't one of them.

Because its root is deeply ingrained in the neurological system, it is extremely difficult to recognise and solve by anyone alone. No amount of self-help or motivational videos will help you tackle something that is hidden from your view. Just as an experienced heart surgeon isn't able to operate on himself.

A Stress Reduction Coach can provide unbiased insight that can help you overcome the root causes of your stress and offer you greater peace of mind.

I've sought out stress help before and it wasn't effective. How will working with you be different?

Unfortunately, I hear this a lot. And generally, the two main reasons that contribute to ineffectiveness are:

1.  The approach. The practitioner either uses a one-size-fits-all approach or is only trained in one modality that isn't suited to address a range of individuals’ needs.

2. The connection. The connection between you and your practitioner didn't "feel right."

You are unique! This is why I never use a one-size-fits-all approach. As your personal coach, I will always tailor our sessions specifically to your situation, goals and needs. I am trained in several modalities and techniques, which allows me to create a unique blend of treatment methods for dealing with stress and overthinking.

Working with the root of your stress is very personal and requires a level of trust that will enable you to feel safe enough to speak your mind—and without feeling judged. This is why I always offer a free consultation call to all my clients before setting up their first appointment: to ensure that we are a good fit before moving forward.

I'm worried that a stress coach will be an expensive and time-consuming investment.

The chances are that you may have already tried to help yourself somehow, but without seeing any major improvement. When you try something and the problem still persists, it can feel demotivating to keep on trying.

Working a with a stress management coach allows you to take a surgical approach to healing from stress. I provide you with the right tools that are suited to you and which you can apply immediately instead of wasting your time reading self-help books or listening to random advice online. 

You Don’t Have To Suffer

I deeply understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there. With this phone call, we can stop the cycle and begin to move forward. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today to see how stress reduction coaching can help you: