Anonymous female client,

Vice president, investments -London


"I would recommend anna to others with pleasure"



I wanted to quit smoking.


I found Anna after I had already tried stop smoking workshop like Allen Carr's EasyWay.  The idea was to now try Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to help me become free from cigarettes.


What I really wanted was to take control of various parts of my life rather than having life taking control of me.


I had already started to eat healthily and exercise regularly with a trainer. For me quitting smoking was a continuation of that process.

My experience during the sessions was very positive and constructive as I definitely got a sense of satisfaction from taking control over my smoking habit.




My therapy journey allowed me to gain perspective on myself and my habits.


I discovered and got more understanding of the root cause of my smoking habit and how the process of developing this habit originally started from.


As a result, I developed more understanding and acceptance towards myself.

The process was great from start to finish.

The setting, the sessions, Anna’s contagious enthusiasm, honesty and explanations.

What I found so helpful was that Anna was very open and non-judgmental which allowed me to open up easily and trust her.

The new strength that I developed from this experience was my own self-awareness.


The thing that I benefited from and enjoyed the most during this journey was the opening up and sharing.


The significant insights and breakthroughs that I gained through therapy were starting to understand my family background and how my childhood ties into how I unconsciously see myself, think of myself of who I am today and what I seek in life.


Today I am much more aware of myself compared to how it was before having this experience.

I would recommend Anna to others with pleasure.

Give yourself the gift of transformation.

It's for life.