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…Then, my friend, you have landed on the right page.


So, you worked hard all these years to get where you are today and now finally "have it all". Looking back, long time ago, your today's life would've looked to you like a great achievement.

But it today it doesn't feel like that.  The great achievement has turned to sour, boring life. Life, that resembles of an old copy of the Groundhogs Day. Same, same same.

You have stopped dreaming about future. You might not even know what to want from life anymore.


But why would you? Your life LOOKS great. Your job title is great. The company is great.  People might even be a bit jealous of you.


Your self-worth is measured in hard metrics. Status achieved, money made. But hard metrics cannot show how you feel from the inside.

Your real talent, intellectual capacity, skills and passion are being massively underutilized.

Yes, you maybe have piles of work to do and problems to solve in a fraction of a second - but this isn’t what keeps you motivated.

You haven’t been motivated for years.

You might be flying high in life – but only on an autopilot. Secretly wondering whether anyone would notice if you'd fly this jet into a side of a mountain.

Your work is not exciting anymore.




Your weekend excitement includes catching up with work and sleeping only.
Those late nights racing against the deadlines won't even pay off. Perhaps the big projects you worked on got cancelled the last minute. Maybe you’ve maybe been passed the promotion due “not making an impact”. 

And no matter how much you pretend to be OK or do your best, you know that you'll never get that time back.

Life feels unfair.

And you start to ask yourself whether there is more to life than this?


You want to achieve great things and feel proud of yourself.
But you feel like dog that's fetching the stick over and over again – whilst the wolf inside you is howling for some juicy, living prey.


But you don't know what to do.

You just blame others.

You blame yourself.

You blame your circumstances.



stress and APATHY starts creeping in your life.

To avoid feeling it you've started to develop ways to cope.


  • Working WAY too much. Rest of your time just goes for recovering from it.
  • Eating to forget. Eating whatever, whenever. Sometimes the whole fridge in one go.
  • Ignoring your health. Not exercising. Because there is no point tiring yourself further that you already are. Or eating salad when all you need is energy. Fast.
  • Sleep procrastinating at bed time. And way past bedtime. Every night. Calling in sick to catch up on more sleep.
  • Grabbing your phone literally every two minutes to check whether anyone "likes" you and hence "validates" your existence. Mindlessly scrolling through social media and news for long periods just to forget where you are right now.
  • maxing out the credit card. On things you don’t even remember buying.
  • boozing to forget. Too much too quickly. Until you embarrass yourself. And hating yourself for it... If you even remember it. ...lashing out to loved ones. And your colleague. And that cashier at the till.
  • avoiding people. Regularly cancelling social events. Just to be alone and to "recharge". Or because "you are busy". Until you realise that no more invites are coming in anymore.
  • typing random stuff in Google 3AM, seeking answers to life's big questions. Again. Feeling alone and misunderstood. Not even Google gets you.
  • buying another library of self-help that didn't get you the results. Even if the Amazon buyers gave it five stars. And because you were to tired to even read.






You also tried the king of coping methods : The Denial.

“I’m fine”.

“I’ll wait until things get better themselves”.

“It is what it is”.

You also tried willpower.

But willpower went on a holiday and hasn’t even sent a postcard.

“If I’m so intelligent why can’t I just figure this out by myself and be happy?”

You can.

All the right answers are already within you.

And I can help you to access that inner vault.


Let's work together to turn things around for good.




...Be happy.

...Fully use your intellectual capacity. Every day.

...Beat your inner critic - for good.

...Unlock your full potential.

...Have the clarity to know what's right for you.

...Wake up excited for the new day. Every morning - even when it's dark, cold and rainy outside.

...Enjoy living inside your body.

...Find yourself. That "real you". And never spending energy pretend being someone else again.

 ...End procrastination and get stuff done. Without grinding teeth or added stress and pressure.

...Love yourself. Unconditionally. Without anyone's extra validation.

...Have the time and energy to do the things that brings you joy. Enjoy hobbies you stopped having time years ago.

 ...Enjoy social situations. Even if you aren't "people's person". Or under influence of anything.

 ...Enjoy fulfilling relationships. Be on the same page with your boss. Fall in love with your Partner again. Find a tribe of new friends who shares the same passion as you.


What would you do?

How would you then feel, act and behave?


Imagine a time when you can finally remove all your inner blocks that have been keeping you lost and stuck this far. For good.



Let's talk and see how we can work together to get you there.







MAYBE like...

  • ...dancing the night away at your leaving party with your now ex-colleagues. Before starting in that new dream job.
  • ...seeing two toothbrushes in a cup on your bathroom sink. Instead of one.
  • ...fully enjoying the family holidays with the in-laws. Without any paranoia, frustration or squirming.
  • ...having total control of your eating. Drinking. Shopping. Smoking. Working. Sleeping...
  • ...falling in love with your partner again. Enjoying your time together like in the early days - and nights :)
  • ...getting along with your boss and colleagues. Wherever you work.
  • ...learning a skill. Mastering a skill. Teaching a skill. Leaving a legacy.
  • ...turning your special knowledge or hobby into business.
  • ...making new friends with people who shares the same passion with you. Passion you didn't know you actually had.
  • ...studying your favorite subject. Working towards a career you actually wanted - and not the one that your CV or others expected you to have.
  •  ...finally opening the pages of the book you just wrote and published. Or the doors to that cupcake shop you dreamed of. Or that tech start-up. Yoga jungle retreat. Gallery full of your art for sale. Organic vineyard. Piano bar. Newborn baby photo studio. Vintage car festival. Charity organization...


...And asking yourself "why didn't I do this years ago?"




We are the creators of our own life - the day we decide so.

Change is not just about new age woo woo, positive thinking and happy thoughts nonsense. Change is real and does happen to those who are serious about it and are ready to work towards it. Change is not about just wishful thinking or willpower. It's all about mindset shift, clarity and real life action.

Change is possible to anyone - even science backs that up.


But - whether we change towards positive or negative is up to us.

You no longer need to be the victim of the circumstances and let life just ‘happen’ to you.

I'm here to help you to turn things around and grow towards the direction that's right for you. Because happiness isn't just some added spice. It's the most important ingredient of the rest of your life.


Together we'll work on achieving those life goals that are important to you - in order for you to live your ideal, authentic and healthy life.

Anna Jarviautio


The founder of Mayfair Coaching Lounge, Personal Transformation Coach and Person Centered Integrative Therapist therapist


I’m a Coach for you who is serious about change.

I help you to achieve your aspirations and take a step back from concrete (or imagined) problems that might have hold you back.

I love what I do. For the past 20 years I’ve been passionately devoting my time and attention to understanding the astonishing capabilities of brain and the depth and complexity of the human mind.

If you are struggling with your life at the moment, you are not alone. The reason I get you so well is because there was also a time in my life when I was struggling and needed help. I was a corporate burnout who ignored her stress for too long and let it ripple into all areas of her life (...READ MORE)

The purpose of my work is to help those people who are beginning to take stock of their lives and ask themselves what do they really want.

It could be a better relationship, a better financial situation, more fulfilling career or a sense of purpose. We are all unique and we all have our own desires. Regardless who you are I can help you. Throughout my career I have mainly worked with entrepreneurs and individuals coming from high level stress work environments like law, finance and the media sector. After extending my London practice to online environment I can now help you - wherever you are in the world.

I refuse to believe that happiness and success are about luck or something magical that “only happens to other people”.

Happiness comes from living an authentic life that fulfills your emotional needs. When you are happy you'll have the control over your own life - and not vice versa. Success in the other hand, is one-part mindset and one-part real life concrete action steps, where you gently push through the imaginary walls between you and your objectives.


When do you need my help?

The reason why people work with an experienced coach is to better understand themselves, narrow their options down to the right ones and go towards big life mission that's only been a scary dream this far. With my help you can go beyond your fears and step on a journey towards your ideal life.

Compared to previous generations we now live a time of great choice and huge opportunity for many people. We probably have more options open to us as individuals than we actually understand it ourselves.

This provides both space for exploration and discovery, but also the space for confusion and uncertainty.

Anna Jarviautio
Anna Jarviautio Coach


The sheer volume of information we receive on a daily basis and the amount of choices that's been laid in front of us can bring with them a sense of confusion. Too many things to do with too little time to do it. We might start getting "lost" whilst experiencing disconnectedness from our core values. Too much choice makes it almost impossible to know what's right for us.

The overwhelm can left us wondering who we are, what's our reason for being in here - and what's actually the whole meaning of our existence.

To gain clarity and to understand our place in the world we might compare ourselves to others. We might choose to see our reality in a way that makes us unhappy. To avoid negative feelings we might turn into habits that might take our pain away - for a short time - but which a long run further enhances our negative state of mind. The continuity of listening and believing our own negative thoughts about ourselves further limits our own capabilities in making change and going for what we truly want.




eradicate confusion and gaining more focus


eradicate stress and frustration


restart your life - become a new, better version of yourself, physically and emotionally


move onto your next level by building a future that excites you


understand and tame your inner critic


remove baggage that's been holding you back from moving forward


love yourself - without the need for validation from others


understand who you are - so that you'll understand what's the right direction for you from now on


behave, feel and think like the person who you desire to be - and get the results that you want


become happy and in control - not letting anything come between you and your lifelong goals and visions


become the authentic you - without limiting yourself or seeking for permission from others


aim high in life and seriously GO FOR IT




I had lots of negative, memories and associations with my past, a lack of confidence and an unclear sense of direction in my life and career. When you have one traumatic experience after another you land at a place where you believe that this is the norm and this is what your life will be forever. Working with Anna has brought my self-belief back and it is enabling me to let go of painful memories and change my thoughts and behaviours for the better, session by session; to make my life as full as it can be; to understand that the past doesn't have to be your future. Today I feel hopeful, stronger. I'm looking forward to shaping the life that I want to lead, to making things happen, great things, to be happy".

Kat - Project Manager


Sounds exactly what you need?

Anna Jarviautio

I’m an empathetic, no-nonsense coach

The reason I get you so well is because there was a time in my own life when I was a high achiever but yet completely lost, stressed and unhappy (…READ MORE). Fortunately, that time came to me as a blessing as it was there and then when I finally decided to devote the rest of my life for saving people from stress and help them unlock the imaginary cages that's been keeping them in their place and moving forward in life.

All it takes is understanding how your world view is formed, how your mind really works and how you can re-train and reign your mind to your own benefit.

You will no longer need to just reactively deal what life drops on your toes and just suffer the consequences. When you understand yourself on a deep level and know what is right for you you will be able to move beyond fear, start enjoying life and achieving your goals - and finally start to LIVE the life that you’ve only been postponing this far - or haven’t even dared to dream of.






  • Weekly 60-minute private 1:1 coaching sessions with me face to face, via phone or via Skype service over the next three months. 


  • Homework to help you achieve your goals faster.


  • Unlimited email support between sessions, so you’ll never get stuck when it comes to moving forward. I’ll be there for you every step of the way.


Just imagine what you can achieve with real support and action.

You will surprise yourself how capable you are once the doubt, overwhelm and the internal blocks have been removed from your system.

Anna Jarviautio
Anna Jarviautio

Nothing will be stopping you on your tracks towards your success, happiness and your true calling in your life.

Whatever your goals are, we’ll spend the next three months working towards them. My purpose is to help you to get where you want to go and keep you accountable



£260 per month






The coaching journey was both exhilarating and challenging. I noticed a change in my outlook and approach. Having the power to control my choices and reactions to situations has been life changing. I now wake up with purpose and passion, looking forward to the day I create.

Kiesha - Client Advisor - now a New Business Owner



I was lost. My professional life was going in a direction that had no clear path. Then I finally found Anna and suddenly my outlook took a NEW direction. I admire Anna’s professionalism and the respect she shows. I felt that I could open up without the worry or fear our conversations would be disclosed. I felt trust and support throughout. I enjoy how the conversation flowed, as if I was talking to someone I had known for a long time. My coaching journey has been amazing, I am feeling happier and more confident. I feel stronger, more aware of who I am and more in the present.

Ervin - Cost Engineer - now a New Business Owner




Book a free 30-minute discovery session with me

Don’t let indecisiveness stop you from proceeding in your life. 
To ensure that I’m the right coach for you book now your free 30-minute clarity call with me.

Once you click the button you will be directed into my calendar. You will book a 30-minute slot that is convenient for you so you can talk without anyone or anything disrupting you. I will send you an invitation confirmation to your email. All clarity calls will be done via Skype service.

What happens on this call?

During this non-judgmental, no obligation call I will listen to you deeply. We will talk about your current situation and see whether we have the good chemistry to work together. Without the right person-to-person chemistry the work is only mechanical and has no soul. I care about you and I want to ensure that I'm the right person to help you. This is why I do not offer any "buy now" buttons.

Once you decide to proceed with your 3 month coaching package I'll send you our contract for signing and we'll schedule our 12 x sessions into our calendars.

As a bonus you will have unlimited email access to me to get all your questions answered and achieve better results during this journey.




What is coaching?

There's a wide variety of different kind of coaches and coaching available out there; sports coaching, business coaching, careers coaching, life coaching - the list goes on.

But what's coaching? To put it in simple terms coach helps their clients to achieve set goals. An example could be a business coach who helps a client to start a business and achieve tasks oriented goals to get the business running. The client and the coach agrees on a set amount of goals and then simply work towards achieving them whilst ensuring that client stays accountable. Accountability plays a major role in this relationship to ensure that owerwhelm and procrastination won't stop the client on his/her track to success.

What's transformation coaching then?

Transformation coaching is about transforming you to become who you ultimately want to be. Healthier, happier you with a strong sense of purpose. It's about learning to think and behave in a way that'll help you to achieve those things in your life that you've only been dreaming of. Whether it's about learning who you really are, having better relationships, end the worry and unmanageable stress, learning a new skill, finding the right career or even starting your own business - you'll set the agenda and I'll help you to seriously go and get there.

Unlike the goals orientated coaching - where the work is done on surface level only and is mainly based on doing - transformation coaching is done at much deeper level.

I work with people who aren't interested in quick fixes or gaining results that lasts only a short while. I'll work with you if you are serious about change and want to work towards results that lasts for a lifetime. Results like these are achieved over a longer period of time and not overnight. Hence I only coach individuals over three months to start with and do not offer my time per hour until after this period.

There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all or cookie cutter approach to my work. Every client is unique and hence my coaching style and methods are individually tailored to suit each client, session by session.

My coaching is done through deep, powerful conversation that includes strategic questions to help you to think, question your own automatic thoughts and dive deeper inside your own mind. I'll point out to areas that you aren't seeing or aren't willing to acknowledge. Together we'll identify your invisible patterns, blind spots and underlying beliefs that have been keeping you stuck. I hear you beyond how your own ego hears you and operate as your own personal sounding board. Together we will discover what really matters to you in your life and what is it that you truly want. And only then can our work together begin.

Coaching is not therapy, although it can have therapeutic effect. I'm an emphatetic, no-nonsense coach who'll always be on your side and who believes in you - even when you don't believe in yourself.

If there's anything negative in your life that you want to eliminate we'll find the root of the problem, work on the causes and not only on the symptoms. Together we'll discover the invisible obstacles that's stopping you achieving what you want in life.

Working from the root cause means that you'll be able to free yourself from fear and doubt and to become unstoppable. You don't have to worry about diving into painful past memories or childhood if you don't want to. However, if you find exploring these areas helpful, be ensured that as an experienced therapist I'll be able to help you to safely explore this space and that there'll always be 100% confidentiality between us. This can further help you to discover answers and bring new insight to why you think, behave or believe in the ways that you do today in your current daily life.

Remember that with me you'll always be safe and that my coaching always stays at the level where you find it most comfortable and useful - and you'll always stay at the driver's seat during the sessions.

I have a holistic approach to change. When you change one area of your life it has a direct effect to other areas in your life. When your mind changes your actions and your body changes. And when you change the effect will ripple out to the people and circumstances around you. I have whitnessed this rippling effect in my clients over and over again and I still find it so incredibly fascinating.

We'll be exploring how your mind operates and how it automatically deletes, distorts and generalises information, keeping you unvoluntarily "blind" to the right opportunities and people around you. Together we'll get a solid understanding on how your inner "filters" and your unique "map of the world" works and keeps you stuck, before working on programming it to serve you to get you what you want. You'll be gaining full control over your own mind and actions. We'll also discover your natural strengths, core values, real talent and actual passion, which will be the foundation and building blocks of your new, renewed self and the authentic direction of your new life.

The specific areas we can focus on are:

  • Procrastination
  • Overthinking
  • Getting "unstuck"
  • Health and happiness
  • Insomnia
  • Over-eating
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Major life changes
  • Discovering the right path
  • Work / life balance
  • Love and relationships
  • Social anxiety
  • Shyness
  • Lost creativity
  • Stress
  • Pressure
  • Time management, prioritising and accountability
  • Unwanted anger and irritability
  • Unwanted hate towards self or others
  • Unwanted jealousy
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Perfectionism
  • Workaholism
  • Unwanted shame or guilt
  • Catastrophising and panic attacks
  • Sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Apathy
  • Loss of direction
  • Quarter life crisis / mid life crisis
  • Unwanted bad habits
  • Relationships at work, at home or with the in-laws
  • Self-love and self-worth
  • Finding the right career
  • Staring a business
  • Wealth consciousness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life purpose

If you don't have any specific area in mind and just feel bad without really knowing exactly why I will help you to discover the root of this invisible pain, re-build yourself and turn your life around - for good.

Book now your free 30-minute session from my calendar to find out how we can work together to improve your life.

Who do I work with?

Regardless who you are or where you are coming from here are the only requirements for all individuals that I choose to work with: I work with you if:

  • You are serious about change
  • You are ready to pull your sleeves up and do all required work to make your ideal life happen
  • You like to discover new things about yourself
  • You are comfortable doing homework between our live sessions
  • You are comfortable being asked strategic questions to help you dig deeper than the surfaceGaining confidence

I do not work with you if you

  • Only “kind of" want to change, but not really wanting to do anything about it
  • Are looking for a quick and easy overnight solution
  • Want to leave thinking to others
  • Want to leave doing to others
  • Are passively expecting to receive well-chewed answers to everything
  • Aren’t willing to do any homework between our live sessions

Warning: My coaching is not a diet pill from the 80’s. In order to get results you will have to do the required work between our live session. Every week. Whether it is reading, writing, doing something, going somewhere - anything to get you towards your ideal goal in life. I will support you and keep you accountable so that you can keep on moving on you tracks to success. However I won’t do the work for you. This means that if you’re after a magic pill that promises ultimate results whilst doing nothing, unfortunately I’m not the right coach for you.

I’m the right coach for those who are serious about change.

Energy is everything. To find out whether we are the right fit to work together I invite you to book your 30-minute complimentary clarity session with me.

'm so excited to hear from you.

"Can I afford this"?

Good question. So glad that you asked. Before I can answer, please ask yourself:

  • How much is your happiness worth in money?
  • How much your relationships and health are worth in money?
  • How much would you pay to finally LIVE the future you've been waiting for all these years?

I bet your answer is "priceless". But I don't know you. Your answer might be different.

"OK. But can I afford this? Really?"

I was faced with the same question during the time when I felt I had emotionally hit the rock bottom in my own life. My first thought was "oh no. I cannot afford this. Not in a million years. I got bills to pay". My own happiness felt overrated. For long time I felt I'd better just chin up and accept my situaton. I told myself I should be happy just because there are other people whose situation is even worse. Because of this thought the idea of working on my own happiness seemed ridiculous. Even when I was very unhappy and I felt stuck in life.

So I just went on living my daily life. Nothing changed. I kept on reading self help but didn't achieve any results. I "waited" for things to get better. And I just kept on feeling even worse.

I was beating myself up mentally. If I was so intelligent why couln't I just figure this all out myself? When the alarm went off in the mornings I felt a regular painful knot in my stomach. Later on it developed into regular indigestion problems. I stopped exercising and esting healthy. I didn't understand why this was happening, I just blamed myself being bad, ugly, lazy and stupid. I felt I didn't desrve feeling good.

I would go through my day, trying to ignore these thoughts. But the inner critic kept on going with its business. All day. Every day.

Then I learned how to tame it. I actually became really good at it! My methods for coping included denial, working all night, binge eating, sleep procrastinating, sleeping through weekends, spending money on things I didn't need, cancelling all social time with friends, drinking until I embarrassed myself. List goes on.

My methods didn't work. And the next morning I was in the same place where I started from. My coping methods came with a negative payoff; I kept spending more money on things to "stop" my pain. Things to consume or to fill my wadrobe. I wanted quick fixes. But yet I kept feeling worse. It was a a vicious circle.

And there I was: a normal, successful, educated, intelligent person - sabotaging her own life. "Waiting" for things to magically change overnight.

ONLY then I knew the right answer:

You cannot afford NOT to be happy.

Why? Because unhappiness in the long term costs your health, relationships and maybe even your job.

Trying to quickly “recover” from unhappiness is costly.

Why? Because we seek short term solutions to our “pain”.

"Solutions" as pretending to to be somebody else, seeking for validation, having unhealthy habits and consuming things to make us feel better. Anything from eating out the whole fridge in one go to avoiding human contact.

"Short" as in minutes or seconds a the time. Just one more beer. Just one more tub of ice cream. Just one more peek at work email and social media to validate my personal existence...every two minutes. Just one more online purchase in the middle of the night. Just one more meeting cancelled with a friend. Tomorrow I will start a new life. Then I can stop hating myself.

But short term solutions wont fix you.

Willpower on it's own won't fix you.

Denial wont fix you.

Your problems will follow you regardless where you are or who are you with. Because they live inside of you and no external "solution" will wash it out. Shouting at your colleagues, leaving your partner, munching and drinking to forget, withdrawing yourself from people - they are just symptoms. Not the cause.

Here is another the thing:

You don’t actually need "fixing”.

Why? Because you’re not broken in any way. You're a perfect and capable person just the way you are. Our work is about getting you back into that state of mind and taking the action. The results will stay with you forever.

You can create a completely new you and new life for yourself. It starts from the inside. Then it ripples out to your circumstances and the people around you. One week at the time.

Transformational coaching is not a short term solution. This investment in yourself is FOR LIFE

You will never be the same, think the same way or behave the same way as that person you were before you started your transformative journey. You'll change into that person you suppose to be - NOT what you thought the world was expecting you to be. Under all of those layers of stuckness and pain is a shiny diamond that starts to revel itself, week by week, layer by layer. That diamond is the real, authentic YOU.

Happier you. Healthier you.

You, who enjoys better relationships.

This you is not a victim. This you knows how to think and what to do to grow and build a life that provides you everything it needs. New opportunities starts to come up. You will start attracting people who shares the same vision and who wants to join you in this new life mission. Like will start to attract like - but without the unhealthy seeking for validation.

But can I afford coaching?

It’s a lot of money. With that same money you could buy that designer coat instead. Or that holiday. And having those things would feel good, right? Trust me, I know those feelings. Too well.

But how long will it take until those good feelings wear out? Would your current reality change once you walk out from that boutique or once you return from that holiday?

Short term solutions that you purchase to make you feel better loses its value in time.

Especially on the day when the credit card bill is due to arrive and you cannot even remember half the things you used it for. Or when you are back from holiday and unpacking that suitcase that still smells like beach, knowing that the next day you must face the reality and go back to where you started from. Back to normal. Sitting at your desk. Being miserable. Being lost. Being stuck. Feeling bad, even if you spend all that four figure sum in order to make yourself feel better.

Many people do this because they don't know any better. I know this, because I used to be one of them.

But what if your “normal” could actually be what you want and you’d wake up every day full of energy and excitement to that life that you actually want to live? How much would that be worth in money?

Coaching vs. short term solutions aren’t comparable.

Why? Because short term solutions provides feelings that wears off

Coaching is not actually a “feeling”.

Coaching is about real change in the real life.

Real change doesn’t wear out. It's for lifetime.

We are conditioned to believe that change is impossible without changing our external circumstances. Or that in order to be happy we just have to accept things "just the way they are".

For unknown reason it seems that it's more acceptable to drown our sorrows to alcohol, over sleep, over work, binge eating, retail therapy and withdrawing ourselves from social life - than dealing with our emotions.

We are told to swallow our pain with a brave face. Just like a good girl or good boy should do. Except that today we are adults and this imaginary "critical inner parent" is the one that keeps beating us up.

We are conditioned to believe that once we reach some big goal then we are allowed to be happy. Must lose all the extra weight, must get married or must get that new job. As is we'd somehow need to earn our happiness.

Most parents don’t know how to teach their children to be happy. Their skills are usually limited to what their parents taught them “Just get a degree and a job and we will love you”. Schools don't teach how to be happy. The only "teacher" who claims to show us how to achieve "happiness" is the advertising industry. Because people will love you when you buy that coat.

Happiness is learned. Unfortunately we learn how to reach unhappiness with quick fixes. Reaching out for the tub of Ben and Jerries than choosing that good relaxed and same time energised feeling that comes from taking a brisk walk outside. We want easy things and expect quick solutions for everything. This is nothing but a learned behaviour.

Happiness is not about just thinking positively and entering another game of willpower. Real change comes from changing the inner story that you tell yourself and by taking measurable, real-life action steps towards your true calling, purpose and the new destiny. I will help you to get there and STAY there. You are so wirth it.

If you cannot afford NOT being happy any longer book now your free 30-minute spot with me.

I will listen to you deeply and we will explore how working together can help you change your reality. Forever.

I'm so excited to hear from you.



Take the first step.

Free yourself from whatever is holding you back.




Have a question?

would Love to hear from you