Is workplace anxiety wreaking havoc on your life?

Do you wake up each day dreading your job? Maybe you fantasise about calling in sick so you can do something else with your time. Part of you might even wish you were ill or injured—if you’re honest, you’d rather be bedridden than face demanding coworkers who don’t appreciate you.

At work, you might always feel like you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, which is draining and defeating. Most of the time you may not feel present, let alone focused. You may struggle to feel equal to your coworkers. You’re always one step ahead or behind. This may cause you to disconnect from others and withdraw socially. Perhaps you’re the target of workplace bullying or are continually being overlooked for promotions or good projects.

Perhaps you’re constantly anticipating something will go haywire. Every phone call or email might make your heart race. After work, as you’re ruminating about conversations that happened throughout the day or something you should have done, you may overeat and binge watch Netflix just to relax.

At the end of the day, it feels like you didn’t get anything done because you couldn’t focus. To accommodate for your lack of progress, you might stay late after everyone has gone home, just to concentrate. Then, no one is around to judge or interrupt you.

Nothing in your life is as challenging as your career, and you can’t seem to understand or end the cycle of worry. There may even be a pattern of these difficulties that have lead you to bounce from one job to the next, but the problems persist, no matter where you are.


You are not alone

Workplace anxiety can be very isolating and difficult to navigate. There are a variety of reasons why dealing with anxiety at work is so hard. For one, we’re all walking around with a façade—no one ever says how they really feel. With no outlet, distress builds up, and can easily become unmanageable. You may even feel painfully alone, as if you are the only person dealing with workplace anxiety.

Not only that, but technology keeps us plugged in 24/7. If you’re someone who worries about your performance and presence in your office, you’re likely the kind of person who attends to work-related emails outside of normal hours. After all, London is an incredibly fast-paced, competitive place to live and work. Because you can’t switch off, you may end up doing more work at home.

You want to do something nice for yourself, but you feel guilty for going to the gym, reading a book or even taking a walk. You may value yourself only based on what you produce and not who you are. So, if you can’t get things done or gain validation for what you do, you feel worthless.  

Struggling to deal with difficult people is also incredibly common. So many of us were never taught how to tackle tense professional situations, resolve conflicts and confront people we don’t see eye-to-eye with. These skills are not within our natural instincts. This is especially true for those who grew up in emotionally dysfunctional families. If this is the case, you are even more predisposed to struggle with healthy boundary setting and communication.

The good news is that I specialise in workplace anxiety and can teach you how to overcome fear, stress and anxiety, both at work and in your own life.


Anxiety coaching can help you relax and enjoy a confident career

Anxiety coaching can be incredibly effective in providing you with the tools to overcome anxiety at work. My expertise lies in working with the unconscious mind. Some researchers suggest that 95 percent of our experiences are stored in the unconscious. If you’re overwhelmed by work stress but can’t seem to understand why, it’s because so many issues have been buried away within your neurological system. This means that you’re too close to examine or dissect what’s driving your distress.  

Overcoming social anxiety is hard because all the negative patterns keeping you stuck are ingrained in your unconscious mind. They repeat themselves, but because its root is hidden from your view, it makes it unsolvable to you on your own. I can show you where and how anxiety manifests and is triggered, so it becomes visible to you.

I can also help you identify why it’s so difficult for you to feel equal with others. Healing anxiety means that you are able to finally connect to people at work, feel less alone and more appreciated, no matter who’s around.  

The best part is this is not the kind of therapy that takes years and years, or where you feel like you are talking to a wall. I provide you with tools you can apply immediately. I’m a Person-Centered integrative therapist, meaning I’m trained in a multitude of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transformation Coaching, IEMT and other therapeutic techniques and processes targeted dealing with workplace anxiety.

Whatever you’re facing, we’ll work it through together. I never use a one size fits all approach. Unlike self-help books, I tailor coaching specifically to your situation, goals and needs. You’re not just sitting there, wasting time, or passively waiting for things to change. Healing from anxiety means that you can you can take charge and make change happen.

As someone who previously dealt with workplace anxiety for several years, I deeply understand what you’re going through, and I am here to support you throughout this process. I’ve specialised in this field because I’m passionate about helping individuals heal from anxiety, which will help them lead empowering work lives. This is a seriously transforming experience that goes beyond the workplace.


You may still have questions or concerns about anxiety coaching…

Does anxiety coaching really work?

Yes, but you can’t just think yourself toward change. I’m here to guide and provide you with actionable steps that make you feel more relaxed and see things more clearly. The more involved you are in the process, the quicker and better results you can expect to see.

You’d be surprised how small, actionable, incremental changes can lead to profound anxiety relief. Real change doesn’t happen by reading self-help advice in books or online. Real change comes with someone revealing the unconscious, invisible patterns to you that turns into unwanted situations with others, over and over again. I’ll help you to take the steps towards change that feels impossible to take on your own.

When you work with someone who is trained to help you to recognise the structure of your unique anxiety patterns, only then you can begin to work through them. When you heal the root of anxiety it will no longer return back into your life the way it does today.


Do I really need coaching? In many ways, I am doing great.

You may have a great career, make good money and seem happy to others. However, if you’ve changed careers several times or these issues don’t seem to resolve, you’re probably stuck. You are unconsciously repeating the same negative patterns that attract people who don’t appreciate you. I can help you uncover those patterns and replace them with new strategies that work uniquely for you and your specific situation.

Trying to fix anxiety on your own by reading books is a bit like blind leading a blind or a heart surgeon attempting to operate on themselves. Yes, you’re a very capable individual, but books aren’t written to address the unique structure and the root of your anxiety. They don't have strategies that take into account your personal history to break the repetitive difficult dynamics with the people in your life. Without understanding the full complexity of it all, things will not change. I’m here to take all the guess work out of this thing.


I’m worried I don’t have time for coaching.

How much longer do you want to live like this? If you’re struggling with high functioning social anxiety, chances are lots of your time and energy are wasted on anxiety, meaning there is no energy left to pursue any of the real passions that you may have in your life.

You may have already tried changing jobs to solve your problems, perhaps even several times, only to realise that after the honeymoon period is over, you find yourself in the same difficult situation and dynamics with others that you were running away from. Changing careers over and over can negatively impact your CV. It can also interfere with your ability to form and maintain relationships that are crucial to creating a successful career.

Anxiety coaching can provide you with the tools for healing from anxiety, which ultimately will leave you with more energy and time to pursue the life you actually want. Not only will you be able thrive in your chosen career path but also deeply connect with others-- including those who aren’t your closest friends.


You don’t have to suffer

Just hearing yourself out can start the ball rolling. I deeply understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there. With this phone call, we can stop the cycle and begin to move forward. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today:

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