Coach for the deaf and hard-of-hearing


"Honestly, you cant go wrong working with this extraordinary human being."



I was struggling with overeating.


I used to eat a ridiculous amount of food during my spare time.

I didn't know how to help myself with this issue, except that I used to go for a run to help me curb my cravings.


But as soon as I'd stop running - due to an injury or lack of motivation, etc. - the overeating would kick right back in.


After working with Anna, I now see why I overate during certain periods of my life.


We came to the route of the problem and found the reason why I was overeating in the first place. 


I got a lot out of working with Anna, and I am very happy that I reached out to her. I liked Anna's honesty. I felt this helped me a great deal. 

Anna helped me see and understand things from a different perspective.


Anna would talk about different strategies that I could use to help my situation which helped me believe that I can do this and end the overeating for good.


She never gave the impression that she was judging me.


This helped greatly! Due to her awesome nature, I felt comfortable being completely open with her.

Today I think about what I put into my body before I do it. I monitor what I eat. I also reward myself with a cheat day. That's something I wasn't doing previously.


I cannot recommend Anna enough.


Her bubbly and kind nature made me feel completely at ease during our sessions. Honestly, you cant go wrong working with this extraordinary human being.


Give yourself the gift of transformation.

It's for life.