Client Advisor - now a new Business Owner, London


"I can honestly say that the investment in coaching is the best step an individual can make no matter what point they are at in their life"


I had come to a point in my life where the daily routine of life had become painful.


I felt I was living the same day compressed into weeks and years. The act of waking up without passion and direction felt like my theme tune. I was a carrying card holder member of excuses and procrastination. I held strongly to negative beliefs such as "If I've tried and failed on numerous occasions then what's the point?".


The scariest feeling was that my story was permanent and just life happening to me instead of for me.


I was fed up with the repetition of my full-time job and feeling my talents could be better used somewhere else. Security and the known became forces that held me down to mediocrity. And as a result, my belief in myself decreased, feeling strong amounts of inner discomfort with my purpose and outer discomfort with my body.

I came across a quote that what you focus on grows and if I focused on the ways I felt about myself then my negative thoughts and feelings would entirely dominate my life. Therefore at times, I would be in denial to dismiss the reality I was in.


I felt I needed someone to take me onto the next level in the form of a coach.


The experience was both exhilarating and challenging, a real eye opener causing me to be introspective and develop self-awareness. As the sessions were broken down into weekly hourly sessions this gave me time to put the techniques I had learnt into practice.  This helped build momentum through the weeks and reinforced that 'nothing works until I do the work'.

In addition, I found that being accountable to a coach who had experiences of the challenges I faced and was able to guide me through using a variety of techniques. Getting me to think deeper as better thinking creates better results.

During my coaching journey it was incredible how I was able to start catching My thoughts that were not serving me.


I was able to use questions I learnt during the coaching sessions such as whether the thought I held was true and identify my behaviours that were associated with these thoughts. This helped bring clarity to my negative emotions and helped facilitate a more practical train of thought.

On a few occasions the questions that I came across in the coaching session brought up emotional tension. It is no ride in the park, delving deeper into feelings I had intentionally subdued can cause great pain. But as a wonderful saying goes that nothing ventured is nothing gained.


To be in a state of emotional evolution where you are growing takes effort and a wealth of feelings.


To know thyself is a great 'power' to poses. As the sessions continued I noticed a change in my outlook and approach, using my personal power I was able to attach my beliefs to certain behaviours and habits more easily, finding myself breaking negative patterns that I had acted out for so long. Seeing how my behaviours were not only having an impact on my life but also those around me.

First approaching the sessions I thought the experience would be more of a discussion of the challenges I was experiencing. In contrast Anna was my guide, supporting ad encouraging me to work through the challenges. It was a proactive activity, something I was not ready for.

Anna catered the sessions specificallly to me and my needs, adjusting where necessary and recapping any points I had.

I became more invested in my development as the sessions went on and I noticed I began making better choices as a result.


During one of the sessions I was able to identify my key character strengths through psychometric testing. This has enabled me to focus on my strengths applying them to real life situations. An example of one of my strengths is a competition where I can stimulate others and myself to a higher standard of performance. I learnt to embrace this quality and use it to my advantage, becoming more confident in my abilities.


I have noticed that the level of procrastination I have compared to prior to coaching has decreased.


This has given me a renewed burst of life as I am now stacking up my small and big wins. I was also fortunate enough through the sessions to identify my values. Now when making decisions I often reflect on my core values.

I am now able to move through the mirage of fear and the filters of past experiences to remember what I really want from life, especially in relation to career choices.

I found great value from the one on one sessions, being held accountable for decisions I had made for myself. Going from an individual who had a habit of struggling to take action to a more proactive individual.

One of the wonderful assets Anna has is her skill of listening and ascertaining the poor belief systems I had in place.


She helped me in the process of reframing negative thoughts and questioned me continuously on the thought patterns I held. At the end of each session if I had any questions for Anna she was always available to contact and willing to continuously add value.

I can honestly say that the investment in coaching is the best step an individual can make no matter what point they are at in their life. It is something I wish to continue to pursue in the future.


I now wake up with purpose and passion, looking forward to the day I create.


Having the power to control my choices and reactions to situations has been life changing. Looking forward this has reinforced my passion to want to help individuals to get out of the matrix I was once in. To spread the message of personal power and living a life of our highest selves.

As my first coaching experience my coaching journey exceeded my expectations.

With love,

Give yourself the gift of transformation.

It's for life.