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"Working with Anna has brought my self-belief back and it is enabling me to let go of painful memories and change my thoughts and behaviours for the better"



I had lots of negative, memories and associations with my past, a lack of confidence and an unclear sense of direction in my life and career.


I'd suffered a very big loss in my life 2 years prior to meeting Anna, my family relationships were completely disconnected, I'd been in an emotionally abusive relationship that that had slowly ground me down to a person I didn't recognise and I had ended up in a job that wasn't right for me.


When you have one traumatic experience after another you land at a place where you believe that this is the norm and this is what your life will be forever.


My experience with Anna is a great comfort to me. Every session I've had with Anna has been so enlightening. I didn't know what to really expect but I'm so glad it happened, it was truly serendipitous.


Almost fate. 


Anna is a great listener, she had given me the most amazing exercises to help me on my journey and truly let go of the negative parts of my life and past that have hindered my growth and development as a person.

I walked away from the sessions feeling like I was walking on air, confident about the future; she'd given me my hope back, I felt empowered to turn my thoughts around and strive to live the life I want to.


I really enjoyed the exercises we would do together in our sessions. I was surprised by how quickly the time I spent with Anna had such a positive effect on my thinking.


I'd reveal something about my past, myself to Anna and she would instantly know how to tackle the issue, how to make me think differently, how to work on things.


I'm learning as I put all of the things that Anna has taught me into practice. I'll learn to flick the switch on negative thoughts, memories and behaviours and to see the light through the trees much more quickly than ever before. I'll believe in myself more and the power I have to make positive change.


Week by week I feel less scared about the world, excited and really like I can take control of things that I thought were out of my control.


I feel like I'm beginning to live rather than get through life, I'm beginning to look forward to the future and get out of the hole I've been in for some time.

I feel like the weight of my worries and memories becomes lighter and I'm learning to be at peace with a life that so far had not turned out as I had expected.

I think the major breakthrough I had was that change is possible and that the person I thought I'd lost was still in there.


That good thoughts can overcome the bad, that I have the choice and control to make my life what I want it to be. That life doesn't have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy based on negative experiences; that your life is controlled by you and you only, that good can come from the bad and that the bad can be given a place and the load can be lightened.

Today I feel hopeful, stronger. I'm looking forward to shaping the life that I want to lead, to making things happen, great things, to be happy. Of course, it all takes time, but being given the tools to change I hope has and will be a huge benefit to me.

I feel as though every time I see Anna I unlock another part of myself that I've not seen or felt for a very long time- the parts I love.


Working with Anna has brought my self-belief back and it is enabling me to let go of painful memories and change my thoughts and behaviours for the better, session by session; to make my life as full as it can be; to understand that the past doesn't have to be your future.

With love,


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Give yourself the gift of transformation.

It's for life.