Cost Engineer - now a New Business Owner, London


"I enjoy how the conversation flowed, as if I was talking to someone I had known for a long time"


I was lost.

My professional life was going in a direction that had no clear path. Metaphorically speaking I was tirelessly knocking at different doors that headed in different directions during the last seven years. Many of those doors never opened and somehow affected my self-appreciation and self-value both professionally and personally. The doors that did open took me to places where I felt fulfilled for the first few months, but then I felt the need to search for something else that could fulfil the emptiness I also felt.

For a time I was thinking about working with a Coach and I was hoping that the right person would just magically step into my life.


But I felt it was like wishing for a fairytale finale to a never-ending soap opera. I was just hoping, but would it ever happen?  I did have a mentor at work however the mentoring was aimed at developing my career in the company and was not about my personal needs. I soon realised there was no point continuing and stopped the sessions.

Then, a few months later I finally found Anna and suddenly my outlook took a NEW direction.


It has been an exercise of discovery with someone who has the experience to guide me through the process. I have felt amazed when I find I have had the answers in front of me all the time. But they have been somewhat blurred and distorted, a shadow was covering them.

I needed that guidance to clear my mind, be able to see what those answers were and their relevance to my life and put together an action plan.

My coaching journey has been amazing, I am feeling happier and more confident.


I have said out loud many of those noisy negative thoughts that kept bothering me all the time and that stopped me fulfilling my aspirations. I was surprised to hear myself talking so openly.


The sessions have been like small revelations.


It was amazing to be able to open up to someone that did not know me and discuss my dreams, fears and desires. It was a bit strange at the beginning, but once I started to feel lighter, I started to open up even more and to enjoy the sessions further.

I feel stronger, more aware of who I am and more in the present moment. Working more towards my goals with a clearer direction.


I enjoy how the conversation flowed, as if I was talking to someone I had known for a long time.

I admire Anna’s professionalism and the respect she shows. I felt that I could open up without the worry or fear our conversations would be disclosed. I felt trust and support throughout.


My major breakthroughs have been to recognise my values and how they totally influence not just my personal life but also my professional career.


By retaining these values, I can build a solid development and progress without feeling the emptiness or betrayal of who I am as a person. I will plan better my next steps and stick to my plan. Follow my dreams and sticking to what I know and desire.

I would definitely recommend hiring Anna as a coach; it is a life-changing experience and a great opportunity to speed up in fulfilling your career aspirations and personal dreams.

Thank you!!

Give yourself the gift of transformation.

It's for life.